Well the founding of Latin World Car Club was on November 14, 1982 in the streets of Los Angeles, California it's where it's known to be founded. The founder is "Tony Gomez".

Back in late 1996 a few guys got together & decided it was time to form a new Car Club in Bakersfield, California. Even though one person in particular was more responsible for leading this new club, Gonzalo "Fry" Camacho had stepped up to the plate to organize this new club. But a club name had not been chosen yet. So Gonzalo "Fry" Camacho, David Escobar now current President of Latin World Bakersfield Chapter, Jesse "Candy Man" Gonzalez & Chris Rubalcado now current Vice-President of Latin World Bakersfield Chapter got together to form a new club. Now at this time these guys were already members of other local clubs, but for their own reason's decided to move.

So around late 1996 to early 1997 Gonzalo "Fry" Camacho had came across a guy named Hector Perez at a car show. Who was the President of a car club named Latin World Los Angeles Chapter. So these two guys talked for a bit & "Fry" explained that he wanted to start up a new club in Bakersfield. So after some time Hector Perez gave the green light to go ahead & start up this new Chapter in Bakersfield. So on May 5th, 1997 a new chapter of Latin World of Bakersfield was founded.


So Gonzalo "Fry" Camacho takes the title of President & things go well. A year later it's time for a new President. So then Jesse "Candy Man" Gonzalez takes title as President & so he does for about a year or so. Then around 1999. David Escobar takes over as President of the Bakersfield Chapter & has been even to this present day. Now around July of 1997 a New Chapter was founded in Phoenix, Arizona which stands today as the third chapter of Latin World Car Club.